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Mehndi Cone, Made Fresh to Order

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Our all-natural henna paste is a tasteful mixture of organic, vegan, cruelty free henna powder from Hyderabad, essential oils and sugar and does not contain any chemicals or dyes. Please note that each henna cone may vary in color. Our henna cones are packaged as such that they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days. Since our henna contains no preservatives the buyer must refrigerate the henna immediately upon receipt of the henna cones. By placing this order for the henna paste, the buyer has agreed to refrigerate the purchased henna cones until ready for use. 

Henna cones contain roughly 20g of henna paste 

Please note the surface area covered by henna cone varies based on how big the tip of the henna cone is cut. Personally, I use 4 cones for bridal henna up to the elbows and the feet going half way up the legs. 

*Outer packaging may vary*