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Engraved Perfume Bottles

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Introducing an exquisite line of personalized, engraved perfume bottles, where luxury meets individuality. Crafted with precision and elegance, each bottle serves as a timeless vessel for your signature scent. Elevate your fragrance experience by adding a personal touch with custom engraving, whether it's your name, a special date, a meaningful message, dainty florals or a combination of choice as long as the bottle has a required surface area. Made with the finest materials and Neha Assar's attention to detail, these bottles are a reflection of your unique style and sophistication. Make every spritz a moment to cherish with a personalized, engraved perfume bottle. 

Provide Your Own Perfume Bottle

Please ensure the perfume bottle being supplied has smooth glass (no texture) or at least a smooth section where the design can fit vertically or horizontally.

Discuss Your Project in Detail - Include your order number on all correspondence

Feel free to send a screenshot via email of the bottle in question if there are uncertainties. To get the shipping address and confirm timeline, personalizations etc please email -

Choose from names, dates, phrases and add florals as well.  

Please note that by purchasing, customer agrees they are only purchasing the artwork. Neha Assar does not provide the bottle. 

Customer Reviews

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Poonam Varma

I’m truly at a loss for words about how beautiful these bottles turned out!
Firstly, Neha was so approachable with great communication. I ordered bottles of perfume that she would not be able to engrave and promptly notified me so I could send different bottles that met the specifications she listed on her page (which I clearly overlooked!)
Secondly, she was SO efficient! From when she got the 3 perfume bottles to when she sent them back engraved was only a week!

Thank you SO much Neha!


Simply beautiful. Love mg custom artwork and would recommend Neha’s artistry to anyone!