The Gift of Hand Painted Glassware

What are you planning to gift for Mother's Day this year? May 10th is right around the corner! If you're having a hard time with gift ideas, let me introduce you to my line of hand painted glassware! The whole goal of this line of glassware was to bring the ancient art of henna to something more tangible that can be applied to one's daily life. 
In February of 2018, I launched my glassware line consisting solely of the Personalized Mehndi Mugs.
Each mug was creatively hand painted around each unique name or phrase. I started out by making a mug for myself with my name on it and I was so in love with the feel of the weight of the glass in my hands in addition to the textured design on the mug. I decided to start selling online and I am so glad I did!  Valentine's Day was coming shortly after my launch and my Heart Mug was born! 
This Heart Mug became the number one selling mug on my website as it was gifted for pretty much all occasions! Everything from Mother's Day to birthdays, it won over many hearts. Pun intended. 
Over time, new concepts and designs emerged. I added champagne glasses for those happy couples that were celebrating new beginnings. 

The Mehndi Expressions Wine Glass came about in 2019. This stemless wine glass allowed people to express their sentiments by saying, "Glass of Happiness", "Glass of Me Time", or "Glass of Leave Me Alone". 

Earlier this year, I created the Personalized Peony Mug. It still has that henna feel and style but with a bohemian, floral twist to it. 

Let's face it. Every mother deserves a break to sit and enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Why not make it special with something personal that fits their style and mood? Head on over to my website to see the full selection of glassware. Looking forward to see what you all choose!!!!!! 

*All glassware is hand wash only. It is not dishwasher or microwave safe. 





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