Introducing My New Wooden Collection

"When times get blurry, adjust your focus." - Unknown

This quote screamed loud and clear to me in during the pandemic. We were all blindsided by COVID-19 and the global impact it had on the global economy as well as the economy of our own households. 

This pandemic really forced me to take a step back and reevaluate life in general but specifically it force how far I am capable of taking my art. Like the rest of the world, I spent a lot of time in my home and I started envisioning certain pieces in my home that I could envision in certain spaces. I quickly sourced some furniture pieces that spoke to my soul and started making them my own. Now, these pieces are available to the public. 


Nesting tables and tray

These nesting tables are bright and charming with eye catching intricacies from every angle. They feature varying hand painted mandalas on a set of two lightweight pine wood side tables. This set of nesting tables matches chic decor with ease. Two sizes for convenient layering. 

This oversized, carved wooden tray is eye catching to say the least. Showcasing a mango wood construction for durability and painted with soft white mehndi inspired art, it seamlessly blends with any decor. The two carved handles create a unique juxtaposition while the raised sides give dimension.

These pieces are incredibly time consuming therefore, new pieces will be rolled out slowly, but I promise to keep them coming! I look forward to seeing how you style my wooden pieces in your home! 


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