Creating SZA's Jagua/Henna Art - Variety & the Grammys 2024

I had the incredible opportunity to be part of SZA's journey as she won Variety Hit Maker of the Year 2023 and dominated the Grammys, 2024 with 9 nominations! I helped bring her vision of her look to life through the intricate world of jagua/henna art. SZA deserved nothing less than a unique and personalized touch for these special occasions.

As I embarked on this artistic adventure, I collaborated closely with SZA to understand her style, preferences, and the emotions she wanted to convey through the art. The fusion of traditional jagua and henna techniques allowed us to craft a design that seamlessly blended cultural elements with a contemporary twist, reflecting SZA's vibrant personality.

The process began with a simple brain storm where we discussed design and inspirations. SZA's connection to nature and her love for symbolism played a significant role in shaping the final design. I carefully curated a collection of motifs, drawing inspiration from her spiritual journey. Executing the jagua/henna art required precision and expertise. Each stroke held meaning, and every curve echoed a part of SZA's story. The process became a collaborative dance of creativity, with SZA's input guiding the evolution of the design. Click here to see the details up close and the hidden elements amongst the design. 

On vacation, SZA rocked a full jagua stain on her hands and feet which came alive against the breathtaking backdrop of the islands. From sunsets on the beach to intimate moments shared with SZA's close circle, the jagua art became an integral part of the overall experience, capturing the essence of this special trip.

As the Grammys approached, the art underwent refinements to complement SZA's chosen attire for the event. The Grammys stage is a global platform, and the jagua/henna art needed to be as bold and unforgettable as the artist herself. The final result was a masterpiece that seamlessly integrated with SZA's ensemble, making a powerful statement as she took the stage.

Having the opportunity to adorn SZA was a testament to the transformative power of art. The jagua/henna art became a visual representation of SZA's identity in that moment, a celebration of her achievements, and a unique statement in the world of music and fashion. It was a moment where creativity and talent converged, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of those who witnessed this artistic collaboration.

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